2010 in Review

Inspired by Seth Godin’s What Did You Ship in 2010 post, I’ve reflected on 2010 and listed things I’ve shipped or accomplished this year.

  1. I started my first full-time job at Medium, and worked with the fine folks there to put the following sites into the world:

  2. 2010 also had some pro-bono projects for friends and local Chattanooga folks:

  3. In August I moved to Atlanta and started at MailChimp, the best darn e-mail marketing company in the world. Some things done there so far include:

Also some other things I’m proud of, unrelated to work:

  • Moved to Atlanta
  • Adopted a new cat, Max
  • Celebrated two years with Laura
  • Ran my first half marathon
  • Bought my first car
  • Quit smoking (10 months in after 5 years)

And what would this be without a few resolutions?

  • Run a half marathon in February
  • Run a full marathon in April
  • Contribute more in open source
  • Broaden my knowledge of languages and programming
  • Produce solid work in my new job at MailChimp