Geocoding With Node.js

Need to make an asynchronous call to Google’s geocoding or reverse geocoding service in a Node.js application? The Geocoder module makes it simple to fetch geocoordinates based on street addresses, or to fetch localities based on LatLng pairs.

Adding the module to your project is easy, it is available as a npm package. Just npm install geocoder. After requiring the module, it exposes two methods: geocode and reverseGeocode.

geocode requires two arguments: a location in the form of a String, and a callback function which will accept the geodata returned from Google. The geodata will look like this.

reverseGeocode requires three arguments: a latitude, longitude, and callback function.

Both methods accept an optional last argument, an options Object which can pass along other Google API parameters, such as sensor, which defaults to false.

Of course, feel free to fork it on Github!